Gaming Servers

The Reckless Gaming Community Server List

 Click on a game's name for server rules and information. Click the IP address for a steam connect link, if available.

 Some servers may be temporarily offline to conserve memory on the host. Check discord for more info.

Game Version PVE/PVP IP Port
7 Days to Die Town Restoration Main Branch PVE 7710
7 Days to Die Main Branch PVP 7730
ARK: Survival Evolved Main Branch PVE 7739
Citadel: Forged with Fire Main Branch PVP xxxx
Conan: Exiles Main Branch PVE/Conflict 7745
Counterstrike: Global Offensive Main Branch PVP 7738
Dark & Light Main Branch PVE xxxx
Don't Starve Together Main Branch PVE 7752
Eco Main Branch PVE xxxx
Empyrion Main Branch Planets Vary xxxx
Minecraft Main Branch PVP 7748
Minecraft Dangerous Nights Technic Launcher Modpack PVP @ Night 7736
Minecraft Tekkit Lite Technic Launcher Modpack PVPVE 7756
Project Zomboid PVP Main Branch PVP 7713
Rust Main Branch PVP 7713
Starbound Frackin Universe PVE xxxx
Terraria Main Branch PVE 7737