Empyrion Server Information

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Empyrion Server Information

Post by wtfcolt » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:22 am

TheReckless.net USA East
IP: server.thereckless.net Port: 30000
Password: none
Full PVE planets - optional PVP area coming soon
Standard Settings
Daily restarts at 6AM EST

* No Griefing
* Don't fully destroy POI's so they can respawn.
* Just don't be a dick.

There's a public base near the spawn areas on both starter planets with a constructor, deconstructor, and a farm you're able to use to get started. Ignore the message about losing reputation with the admin faction when picking crops. There is no rep for the admin faction, the message is just an error in the latest build of empyrion.

Always open to suggestions & ideas for this server.

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