Starbound Server Information

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Starbound Server Information

Post by wtfcolt » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:36 am USA East
Mods: Frackin' Universe, Character Extender, Elithian Races
Standard Settings
Claim planets
Protected Ships
Chat works with discord channel.
Available commands for claiming/etc


Click here for the mods we're currently using. Mod requests may be considered assuming they have no compatibility issues with the current mods.

Make sure you turn on 'Asset Mismatch' in the options! Also, character names can only be used once. If you login with a character named "Bob", decided you don't like Bob and would like to remake him, you'll have to choose another name as "Bob" cannot be used again.

The server is in white-list mode, meaning you'll need a username and account in order to connect. If you'd like an account, just reply to this message and I'll PM you new account information! Account requests will only be handled here.

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