Useless Points

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Useless Points

Post by wtfcolt » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:30 am

Useless points are earned by posting on the site. Click 'Useless Points' on the toolbar above to see a breakdown of payouts.

You can steal up to 10% of someones currently held points from other players at a 50% chance. If you fail, you lose 50% of the points you were attempting to steal.

Banked points cannot be stolen, however banks cost 100 points each month to maintain. At a 0.25% interest rate, this means you need to have over 40k in the bank to break even each month. The minimum withdraw/deposit has been set to 1000 so that some members will have points to be stolen.

Lottery System: You can purchase up to 10 tickets each week for 10 points each. Once per week, the system will have a 30% chance to choose a winner. If no winner is selected, the prize will accumulate and more tickets can be purchased for the next drawing.

Payouts, interest, banking costs/limits, and all that can be adjusted. Let me know if you have any changes to suggest below.

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