ARK Server Competition Afterthoughts & Ideas

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ARK Server Competition Afterthoughts & Ideas

Post by wtfcolt » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:15 pm

We've hosted our first ARK competition and I have to say, considering everything, that it went pretty smooth. We're aware of the length and considering breaking it into two different event days, perhaps doing a race day one month, then next month have arena games or something along those lines.

This is a copy/paste of the event listing from the original news post, with some edits as we had to make a few changes on the spot last night. I'd like to open discussion about the events and see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. When suggesting changes or new events, please be as thorough as possible so we have a full understanding of your reasoning. I'll keep the following up to date based on discussion or accepted changes.

Jousting: Bracketed double-elimination competition. Prepare a horse, saddle, lance, any CKF shield, and flak armor. Players will take passes starting with the launch of flare gun. Players press C (horse action) to show they are ready, then charge their enemy at the launch of a flare gun. Players after each pass should get reset immediately and press C again to show they're ready. Players take passes until someone is knocked off twice, and that person loses the match.

Arena: Bracketed double-elimination competition. Players may use flak, hide, or cloth armor of any quality (color). Weapons & shields may be chosen from melee/thrown weapons available in the CKF addon, or primitive weapons from the default engrams, such as throwing spears, metal swords, shields, etc. No bows, guns, or explosives of any kind. No riot or tek.

Archery: Players will shoot at targets at varying distances holding values based on difficulty. Each player will take ten shots at the targets. Hits on the circle area are scored. Outside ring being 1 point, bullseye being 5. Closest target has 1x multiplyer, second target has 2x, third target has 3x. IE: Second target, second ring in is 4 points (2x2), and a bullesye on the third target would be 15 (5x3). Archery target leg/wood hits are misses. Ties are determined by each tying player shooting three additional arrows. Only the basic bow crafted from fiber and wood, or the basic CKF bow will be allowed. Crosshairs will be disabled on the server for the competition. No crossbows or compounds. (Archery targets will be moved to make this a little easier next time around)

Spear Throwing: Each player will take 2 practice shots, then 3 shots that are scored. The first two shots will not be scored regardless of where they hit, only the last three. Scoring is done the same as archery.

Pet Battles: Bring your best pets to fight in a single elimination tournament. All creatures must be able to be picked up and placed on your characters shoulder. Please consider preparing up to three pets to battle with. Players will launch their pets into the arena from the first floor (with benches) when at the firing of a flaregun. You should have your pet on aggressive and on an average sized aggro range. Surviving pet wins. Depending on testing, land creatures and flying creatures may be split into two classes.

Jerboa Fights: Breed and mutate your cute little furry death machines and prepare one for battle. Single elimination bracketed competition.

Raptor Race (Track): This race will happen upon an obstacle course style racetrack. Speed and accuracy will be important. No Tek Raptors. More info to come.

Raptor Race (Cross-Country): This race will be similar to a scavenger hunt. Players will be given coordinates at the start of a race to a hidden location. This location will have a few more coordinates noted. You will need to visit the locations and retrieve one item from each. After the initial sprint to the first location, there is no set order in which you may retrieve the items. Once all the items are retrieved, you must take them and your raptor to the finish area. Use of any teleporter is disallowed. No Tek Raptors. You may take any item with you that you wish except for any type of weapon or item to impede or damage other players mounts or characters with one exception, you may use bolas after the first checkpoint. Locations will not be disclosed before the event.

General Rules
No consumables or buffs, such as soups or healing potions, may be used in any event. Players may use basic cooked meats and water. No outside help from players or tamed dinosaurs other than the allotted dinosaurs for the specific event. Races are separate and do not require use of the same raptor. Raptors may be bred, but cannot be Tek. Anyone caught cheating in any event will be disqualified. If you need assistance acquiring a horse, raptor, or basic gear needed for the competition, please consider asking in our discord channel.

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